12 Facts Of Having An Elder Sister.

Ah..! Elder sister, A word which means the world to me, since my childhood I was being surrounded and protected with lots of love and care by my elder sister.

The memories may fade away with passing time, but the love we share will only grow. Here are some of the craziest experiences we both and every sibling who has an elder sister have probably had.

1. Always solicitous.

2. Most pampered By.

When you get an elder sis who pampers you like a doll then what else you want. 😍

3. Birthday Blunders.

Remembering the times where my blunders were been given a special place in your heart.

4. You have been made to believe that you are adopted. admit it, I fell for it many times.

5. Instantly becoming famous in middle school because you are the younger sister of the most known student.


6. You get excited when a stranger questions between both of you, which one is elder, you or her ?


7. Fights with her, Make days fun packed. 

8. Helped me in finding my fashion sense.

A great help in choosing the sense to wear clothes and yes it was her to help me out in those times, and now too. I really believe in getting suggestions from her.

9. Making my favourite dishes.

Ahh.. thats what I love the most in you, you make tasty dishes for me which I love to eat. 😁

10. She gave me a role model to emulate.

Always been an idol for me. Learned many things from her and feel proud to be her younger sister.

11. Doing kitty parties.

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12. Performing Photography on her.

No matter what, She will always be the first, last and the best friend I ever had.




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