What it's like to come out of death..!! How these girls escaped death.

It's all about yesterday's night ! Since we (me with three of my friends) live in hostel ,we were not   
allowed to be out in night. But with due permission we went to a friend's sibling marriage which was in the outer area of the city, it requires atleast half an hour. All four of us were well dressed in ethnic, we travelled there by a uber cab, that marriage was totally fun, clicked so many pictures having delicious food to eat (Being hostlers we starve for it).

 It was 10:30 pm already, It would be late too late if we stay there for more so we thought we should leave now, so that we could reach back to hostel on time.Again booked an UBER CAB, no delay was there it came on time. But who knows what is written in the destiny.

Sitting in the cab, we were making fun of each other, by seeing the awkward photos that we took , discussing how marriage was, how pretty the bride is, and suddenly our cab got into an accident with the government vehicle (' that swachh bharat abhiyan wali gadi'). They both stuck so horribly that the back glass of the cab broke out and glass came inside the cab we got so scared that with in seconds we came out of the cab and ran away from the cab, This incident happened at the centre of the square on the highway road where vehicles run so horribly, It was just our luck or I don't know what it was , that we came out on time or the driver put the breaks on time otherwise  I wont be writing this blog  today, we would have been in the hospital or god knows!!! There was fortunately not much vehicles running, otherwise while crossing the road we could have threshed by any vehicle.

"Life is actually unpredictable"

While we were standing at the corner of the road in that traditional outfit, 2 Auto drivers came by our side asking '' Kaha chodna h madam , hum le chalte h"!! This is why we feel so unsafe in our own country, as there are some F**king  people out there. 

But every coin has two face, there exist some good people also, There were two man who were standing there watching the whole incident, came to us saying:

 " Don't worry, nothing would happen, We are here nobody will do anything, Don't be scared, until your friends or relative don't come, you all are safe with us. If you need you can see our id cards , Just give us your relative's number we will call them ."

At that moment we were in the situation that we were not even believing them. But they were actually good people, they stayed with us, until our friends came to pick us. And finally with in few minutes, our friends came there and dropped us back to hostel on time .

"A friend in need , is a friend indeed " .   

 They actually proved it .

This is how we actually came out of death, who knew that going to a function can result in such an accident. This incident taught me a lesson:

"Life is so uncertain . You never know what might happen just after a second . Enjoy little moments of life . Live your life as if  there will be no tomorrow !!"




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