What you will go for, buying from a mega store or from a street seller?



Saw a young boy may be at his age of 15-16 year, who work as a street seller selling yo yo spinners.

In the mid of red signal traffic- he was trying to sell the spinners by reaching out people in cars, 
auto rikshaws and  suddenly people travelling in an auto rickshaw stopped him and asked for price 
and when he mentioned the price, 

what people did is bargaining!!

Why buying from a mega store or a mall or a branded shop doesn't require bargaining, 
But buying from a street seller or any other road side seller, bargaining is mandatory.??

If you think the street seller are charging a price higher,
what you will do if stores will ask for the same ?

you will pay, right.!

That boy asked for 50 bucks for that spinner,
people bargained he, slump down to 30,
they bargained for 10, he slump down to 20.

Now many of you will think that he was charging higher that's why he decreased the price ,
Give a thought...

That boy was not doing anything that will make him a beggar-man
He was selling to live on his own earnings.

If you can spend a higher amount buying the same object from a mega store
Then why not from a street seller on the price which he tagged ?

Because of its quality ? 


Instead if he would have provided you in 10 bucks then you have preferred to buy it.

So, quality is not the matter,

What the matter is about the Thinking,

About the mindset.

A little change in you can bring that boy from a street seller to a store seller. 

  "It may be a dream for him"

The pictures here are not of that young street seller, as was not able to click a picture the right moment 



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