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Faced a Nightmare.? Know how to convert it to Dream.


Dreams are extremely important. As they are working on to something new and grand. 

In the road of rock and roll life is littered with broken dreams and death. Nightmare is the darkness of mind, which make it feel that you are sinking deeper and deeper. Nightmares wrap their evil hands around our soul which makes us feel hold.

You will have both nightmares and dreams, But you have to overcome the nightmares because of your dreams.
So,pick up the pieces of a shattered dream as they are better than having no pieces to pick up at all....

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde 

You dream because you think about it.. You think because you want it.. And when you want something, To get it,your faith must be stronger than your feelings... 

Let go of your expectations, The universe will do what it will.
Sometimes your dreams will come true.
Sometimes they won't. And when you let g…

What you will go for, buying from a mega store or from a street seller?


Saw a young boy may be at his age of 15-16 year, who work as a street seller selling yo yo spinners.

In the mid of red signal traffic- he was trying to sell the spinners by reaching out people in cars,  auto rikshaws and  suddenly people travelling in an auto rickshaw stopped him and asked for price  and when he mentioned the price, 
what people did is bargaining!!
Why buying from a mega store or a mall or a branded shop doesn't require bargaining,  But buying from a street seller or any other road side seller, bargaining is mandatory.??
If you think the street seller are charging a price higher, what you will do if stores will ask for the same ?
you will pay, right.!

That boy asked for 50 bucks for that spinner, people bargained he, slump down to 30, they bargained for 10, he slump down to 20.
Now many of you will think that he was charging higher that's why he decreased the price , but, Give a thought...
That boy was not doing anything that will make him a beggar-m…