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Women- Believe it or not but there is another day with a miracle.

I believe that tomorrow is another day and i believe in miracle.

  When she do the best she never know what miracle is wrought in her life,  or in life of others ,she just do it for us,  for our sake,  our happiness..

It's not that she is behind every successful man  but yes she is at the beginning of all the great things.. 

She is a child,  daughter,  sister,  friend,  mother,  grandmother... beautiful in everyway 

But the moment you harm/kill a girl.. You kill all of these..  You can never make out the scars..  Because these scars are hardest to heal but she looks perfectly alluring in each scars...

Womens are wonderful, they are graceful...  They have compassion and concern for fellow beings.. When she believe.. She can.. She do and she did.. 

She is a creator of the world, don't destroy her.  Its time to give her back...what she gives us.. i.e.. Life... 

Make her your priority...  Truly powerful women does not explain what they want..  Respect her, she'…

Lost in life? How to encourage yourself when you are lost in the circle called life.

Thoughts In Mind

The journey of life is the reward and in this journey you feel feather of happiness.. But later on its a planet of devils and demons, selfishness and liars that makes you come across to the real faces of the person whom you love the most.

. In this journey one can push you in a deep well even if the person be the best or worst for you... 
But at the end you have to climb and stand For Yourself... For family.. For the Best of Friends..!!! 

The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go..  The happiest moment in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.. 

Learn to away yourself from people's lives silently and gracefully who doesn't need you, Who doesn't bother about you, and be happy with small circle of people you have in your life . Remember Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The Smarter you are the more selective you become.

This post is for anyone who feels a little lost …

Aamir Khan's New Star Plus Ad Is Going Viral

We were still hung up on the beauty and success of Dangal and Aamir already made something new to impress the world yet again.


A perfect Ad to watch , you must definitely see this Ad. It'll open your eyes like never before.

Amir khan latest ad is really a simple and direct hit to the homophobic behaviour of the society

WATCH THE Ad here..