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20 Joys And Struggles Of Growing Up With South Indian Parents

Parents: Those people you live with when you aren’t at cricket coaching, Bharatanatyam class, tuitions, badminton training, Carnatic music practice, or school.

1. This is pretty much every text you get after sundown.

This is pretty much every text you get after sundown.
Lavanya Mohan
The rule: You must text every 15 minutes after 10p.m., every 5 minutes after 10:30p.m., every 2 minutes after 11, and every 10 seconds after 11:30p.m. (not including the three million phone calls in between).

2. And trying to negotiate your curfew (that’s dinner time for most people) is entirely pointless.

Meme Kid / Via
#hahahaha #no

3. When you were a kid, your parents’ idea of a vacation was taking you around all the temples in the state…

Youtube / Via
…and the states nearby.

4. But now that you’re too old to be joining them on vacations, they go to exotic places.

20th Century Fox / Via
“Amma and I going to the Maldives this summer”
“Ooh, can I come?”
“But kanna, shouldn’t you be focussing on your career?”

5. You’re always hungry during lunch because your friends get to your delicious food before you can.

Pixgood / Via
“Dude, this potato roast is awesome!”
Thanks to you, I will never know.

6. Your parents trained you for exams the way most coaches trained athletes for the Olympics.

Deviantart / Via
“We’ll be happy if you get a C as long as it’s Roman Numeral C”

7. And when you weren’t with your books, you were either in cricket coaching, or Bharatanatyam class, or Carnatic music training, or badminton, or… You get the picture.

Youtube / Via
(How is cricketanatyam not mainstream yet?)

8. It’s pretty much their fault that coffee runs in your veins.

And, obviously, the preferred type is Madras filter coffee.

9. Dating was a serious challenge because it’s impossible to find someone who matches your parents’ standards.

Tumblr / Via
If he/she isn’t a charming Ph.D who makes truckloads of money while also being a best selling author, why are you even wasting your time?

10. Your clothes are always subject to scrutiny when you leave the house.

Girls, always remember that your hemline is directly proportional to your family’s honour.

11. Compliments have not been a part of your upbringing.

Broadway Box / Via
Of course I wanted to know that my new jeans made my thighs look like tree trunks, ma.

12. As far as your parents are concerned, your twenties can only be spent two ways – a Ph.D, or a marriage.

Might as well make a party out of it, eh?

13. They’re aware of every detail in not just your life, but also all your friends’ lives…

Youtube / Via
“Please tell Radha doing her masters in Chicago that dating white boys is not good.”

14. … Maybe because your parents are more active on Facebook than you are.

Chutneycase / Via

15. And yet, they have no idea how the buttons on their iPod work.

20 Joys And Struggles Of Growing Up With South Indian Parents
Tumblr / Via

16. Every time you come home for the holidays, you’re overfed.

Giphy / Via

17. … And then given a lecture about health, cholesterol, and the importance of fitness.

Roaring LA / Via

18. But somehow, whether or not you ended up becoming the Indra Nooyi / Narayana Murthy that they dreamed of…

Giphy / Via
(Who were they kidding anyway?)

… They will always be proud of you…

Buzzfeed / Via

19. They will support all your decisions…

giphy / Via

20. … And love you for precisely who you are.

Pixar / Via

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