By: Surbhi Dakoliya


I don’t have anything to say that haven’t been said before. I don’t have any thing to claim that haven’t been claimed before , but i like to write , I like people to listen and i haven’t been really heard before.
I wish i could be a kind of person that gives their audience goosebumps who raise there voice went a pause and drop it to a whisper. The people around whom there’s crowd in parties , telling some amazing stories which have no actual beginning ,mid or end .But they have so much charm that the other guests are practically applauding by them. “ Bastards”
I really hate people with karishma and self confidence and that lack of social link ID’s “the kind of people who enter the room and boom their greeting and go up to other and start conversation !! “ Who does that?
You know what i meant , the kind of people who don’t look determinantly at the floor if they see someone they recognize at the mall . sometimes i just wish to go up to these actors and tell them how good it was!!
whatever i am writing is not a comment on Racism or Sexism or Feminism or even FuckingLove but above all its a fantasy to extrovert because honestly “Fuck You”.
This is for all the introverts out there ,”the SHY little creeps sitting in the corner at the parties sipping their coffee and talking to the household pets because the extroverts are ruining their life and somebody has to take stand.This is for the people who have great ideas and funny attitude to share , who never got the opportunity ! who could potentially change their life but are always talked over . the people whom you missed out just because you were listening to the loudiest voice in the room.
How does one just naturally have so much confidence in the weirdest shit churning up in their heads that escapes their mouth within a fraction of a second, but the person sitting in the corner of the room with a brilliant mind, stays mum?
How do the people with more power over words fall into shadows when a loud, irritable but a social darling takes over the conversation?



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