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By: Surbhi Dakoliya

I don’t have anything to say that haven’t been said before. I don’t have any thing to claim that haven’t been claimed before , but i like to write , I like people to listen and i haven’t been really heard before. I wish i could be a kind of person that gives their audience goosebumps who raise there voice went a pause and drop it to a whisper. The people around whom there’s crowd in parties , telling some amazing stories which have no actual beginning ,mid or end .But they have so much charm that the other guests are practically applauding by them. “ Bastards” I really hate people with karishma and self confidence and that lack of social link ID’s “the kind of people who enter the room and boom their greeting and go up to other and start conversation !! “ Who does that? You know what i meant , the kind of people who don’t look determinantly at the floor if they see someone they recognize at the mall . sometimes i just wish to go up to these actors and tell them how…

Want vs Desire: difference....?

Today i was questioned about the difference in WANT and DESIRE.

This really got me to think hard about it. Prima facie we would think that they have the same meaning.In fact, most of the people  including me often use them synonymously.
But after surfing on it i gotta know that they are different..!!

So, let's take a closer look at the two. 

According to, the two are defined as follows:

Want- (Noun) A lack or deficiency of something; (verb) Have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for; (adj) Lacking in a certain required or necessary quality; Not existing or supplied; absent

Desire- (Noun) A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen; a yearning; a longing; a craving; an aspiration (verb) to strongly wish for something

Did you notice anything different in the meanings of the two words? 


The term desire carries a stronger feeling for something than a want does. So, why stronger?

Let's look at some example:

Right no…