13 Time Management Hacks Every Girl Needs in Her Life

The saying 'time is money' stands true for how we live today. And especially for the modern go-getter girl for whom time is a piece of luxury. If you are having trouble with managing your time, here are some time management hacks that'll sort your life. Trust me when I say this, every girl needs these to be the supergirl that she is.
1. Focus on one thing at a time.
Ever been in a situation where having your hands full leads you into more chaos? Well, multitasking is good but if you want to manage your time we'll make sure to finish one thing at a time and do it properly so you don't need to come back to it at all.
2. Prioritise your tasks.
Make a list of all the tasks that need immediate attention so that you can be done with them as soon as possible and you are not chasing any crazy deadlines that can build the pressure.
Time Management
3. Keep the braindead tasks for later.
To give each task your best sort them in a way that you do all the tasks that need your mind to work in your more productive hours and while your still fresh and energetic. This will make sure you do them properly. Tasks that don't need you to use your mind can be kept for later, for example washing clothes or cutting vegetables.
4. Just get it done.
Many a time we waste all our energies in doing one thing perfectly while we simply fail to complete the other tasks. Remember, sometimes perfection isn't important getting the work done. So just do it without bothering about how well you've done it.
5. Plan, schedule and time yourself.
We all plan our day but what we don't do is schedule our tasks according to time. Giving yourself deadlines for each task will give you a mental framework that'll help in managing all the tasks in time.
Time Management Hacks
6. Be a delegator.
You can't do everything on your own. So one of the most important time management tips is to delegate the things to people who can do it and then you follow up. Like sending your clothes for ironing and making sure they are ready well in advance before the event.
7. Use a task management tool.
With smartphones and devices flooding our lives there are multiple tools and apps available that let you organise your tasks and make a daily to-do list that will help manage your time. Choose one that also gives you time-bound reminders for efficiency.
8. Break large projects into small tasks.
Don't run yourself down by trying to complete one big project all at once. Instead break the project down into small tasks that will make it easier to ach
9. Make note of travel time.
Life in metros is never free from travel time and that can take up a lot of your day so don't forget to include that in your daily schedule so that you can make an achievable list and finish it.
10. Review your week.
It is always a good idea to go back and review your day or week. Do this not to play the blame game or give excuses but to learn from your mistakes and do it better the next time around.
11. Take breaks at work.
Concentrating on work 24x7 will lessen your productivity and make you bored sooner. So take short breaks and get back to your list with a refreshed mind.
Take breaks at work
12. Put relaxation on the calendar too.
Time to relax and rejuvenate is as important as the time allotted to achieve tasks so make sure you include that so that your productivity isn't hampered.
13. Learn to say no.
Taking up responsibilities is good for your personal growth but be realistic and don't take up things that you can't fit in your day. Learn to say no when you know you can't accommodate another task.

                                      By: Zahra Motorwala



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