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This Woman Is Creating The Most Lifelike Baby Dolls You'll Ever See

Through the course of their careers, doctors will see a lot of unbelievable things. Whether it be  obscure diseases or bizarre objects trapped inside their patient's bodies, it can take a lot to surprise them. And really, those are exactly the kind of steel nerves you want. For the stranger the cases they come across, the better they are at finding a creative solution to anything that ails you.
But every now and then, something comes along to remind doctors they haven't seen everything. And when a woman brought her baby to the talk show The Doctors, they were met with an unexpected surprise.
And you can see the big reveal in the full video.
As you've just learned, Stephanie wasn't technically holding a baby at all. It was an incredibly lifelike doll she had made herself. As you can see, she has a clear talent for crafting these chillingly realistic babies and has found a lot of success working in the "reborn baby" style of doll-making.
This involves creating an incredibly realistic doll with hair — made from mohair — eyelashes, veins, and even a bit of saliva.
Stephanie began making her dolls out of pure passion. She loved collecting dolls and figured she could support her collection by making her own. And many of her customers are simply doll enthusiasts like her.
But some doll-makers will report a sadder reason why they get so much business. Sometimes grieving parents will pay for a doll made in the image of their lost children.
As you'll see, the show had a psychotherapist weigh in on the mental health aspect of collecting these dolls. But there's a stronger debate between psychologists on whether reborn baby dolls are an effective coping mechanism for the loss of a child.
Some feel they do more harm than good and inspire delusions that the doll is actually alive while others think it may be a helpful step in the grieving process. Still, neither side recommends keeping the doll for very long if this is why you have one.
Otherwise, as long as you're aware the dolls aren't actually alive,  there's no harm in owning them
COMMENT and let us know if you want a reborn baby doll.


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