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19 Arguments You’ve Definitely Had With Your Siblings

World War III: Sibling Edition
1. When you argued that you were in fact the favorite of the family. Bravo / Via Twitter: @tessmess7 2. When you caught them rummaging through your room…
3. …refused to ever let them touch — let alone borrow — your stuff ever again… Twitter: @katie_forester

Gareth Bale fails to shine in draw that leaves Real Madrid the happier

Bale was the Spanish side’s galáctico on the pitch in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and he only flickered into life against Manchester City

In the end Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t make it out on to the pitch at the Etihad. He wasn’t the only one. Midway through the second half on a still, clear, occasionally fretful night Zinedine Zidane split his trousers on the sidelines early in the second half. This is unlikely to have been a symptom of excessive excitement. Three things of interest happened here. First Ronaldo declared himself hors de combat, although with the regal caveat that if this had been a truly big game he would have played. After which these semi-finalists played out a messy 85 minutes of slow‑simmer first-leg football. Finally Joe Hart produced a brilliant all‑or‑nothing block with his chest at the feet of Pepe, an entirely misleading moment of excitement for any latecomer TV viewers. At the end of which Real Madrid will have left the Etihad happier at a 0-0 draw that sla…

The Most Emotionally Devastating Lyrics From Beyonce’s “Lemonade”

Beyoncé’s latest musical offering is a deep dive into her emotions. Fair warning.

BuzzFeed Staff

1. Parkwood / TIDAL / Via 2. Parkwood / TIDAL / Via 3. Parkwood / TIDAL / Via 4. Parkwood / TIDAL / Via 5.