16 Pictures That Are Too Familiar For People Who Are Under Pressure To Get Married .

“You’re next.” – The most terrifying sentence in the English language.

1. This unreasonable request.

This unreasonable request.

2. This terrifying moment.

This terrifying moment.

3. This awkward TV-time conversation.

This awkward TV-time conversation.

4. This early start.

This early start.

5. This cringe-worthy time.

This cringe-worthy time.

6. This exit strategy.

This exit strategy.

7. This constant taunt.

This constant taunt.

8. This slippery slope.

This slippery slope.

9. And this one.

And this one.

10. This torture.

This torture.

11. This scary text.

This scary text.

12. This fake promise.

This fake promise.

13. This perception.

This perception.

14. This reasonable demand.

This reasonable demand.

15. This A+ response.

This A+ response.

16. And this trap.

And this trap.



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