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As Long As I am Alive!!!

As long as I’m alive,
Will fight back, no matter what circumstances prevail,
Will fight to the last drop of my spirit getting evaporated,
no matter how many times success requires me to fail,
Will fight the weather of life,
no matter if its scorching heat or if its a stormy hail.
Now that i have dived into it, will enjoy the adventure through both quiet seas or stormy tides, I would sail.
No expectations of being remembered for the intellect,
enough if could be remembered as an earnest tale.
As long as I’m alive,
Though deep inside m dull harsh and dry,
But for the sake of purpose and people around will strive to keep the spirits high.
The terrain has been tough, the journey has been long,
It is only the prayers of long lost friends that has kept me going strong.
The voyage though without a thorough thought,
Through both good and bad experiences it has taught,
For a reason into this world you were brought,
and wasting life doing nothing is like sitting on the banks of a flowing river and crying for drought.
Now that I’ve understood the essence of existence,
As long as I’m alive, will never give up the habit of persistence.
As long as I’m alive, in my journey,
For me, I won’t expect people for making a move,
Instead  will try that my work provides the generations a reason to groove.
Not that i ain’t going to ask for your help if needed,
It would be fine if you turned down, great if you heeded!!!

– Hunaid Wajihi


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