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An entire generation sacrificed. And Google gets its new CEO!

Indian CEOs and America’s blessings
Yesterday, all the news channels, social media platforms, and tabloids worldwide were splashed with the news of Google announcing India-born and bred Sundar Pichai as its new CEO. It’s the second year in a row that an Indian has been handed over the reins of one of the most powerful companies of the world after Satya Nadella was made the CEO of Microsoft last year. Nothing can be more inspiring and motivating than the fact that these guys who rose from the modest soils of the Indian middle class are today poised to rule and impact the entire world. While I was reading about Sundar’s achievements today, an unfortunate thought had dawned upon me - that he would have never got this big an opportunity had he stayed in India. So, I subconsciously began to admire America for being such a great country in supporting entrepreneurialism without which perhaps there would not have been the Google as we know today and there would not have been a Sundar Pichai t…

How To Fix High RAM and CPU Usage of Windows 10 System (ntoskrnl.exe) Process

Short Bytes: Lots of Windows 10 users are reporting on Reddit and Microsoft forums that some processes (stokrnl.exe) in Windows 10 are slowing down the OS by consuming tons of RAM and CPU power. Here are some ways to fix high RAM and CPU usage in Windows 10.

Microsoft released its long-awaited Windows 10 operating system last week and people have been upgrading their Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs for free. To achieve its goal of 1 billion Windows devices, Microsoft has made this upgrade process smooth. If you wish to install Windows 10 on your PC, you can skip the waiting line right now and upgrade your PC.

To help the Windows users, I’ve been writing regular Windows 10 guides on fossBytes. Yesterday, I told you about Windows 10 Phone Companion app tosync your Android phone or iPhone or iPhone with Windows 10. Today, I’m here to tell about a bug in Windows 10 that is worrying the Windows 10 users and they are voicing their problem on Reddit and Microsoft’s forums. According to them, some proce…

Windows 10 Uses Your Bandwidth to Distribute Updates, Disable It Here

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, its servers get slammed. To help alleviate this burden, Windows 10 can download updates from other users’ computers. The problem is, it can use up your bandwidth and data caps to do so. Here’s how to turn it off. This new distribution method works a lot like torrents do. Everyone has Windows 10 on their machine, so each person seeds a little bit of the files to those who need it, distributing the load across multiple computers and helping everyone download updates quickly. This is a great feature for those who have no data cap and want fast updates. The problem is, many ISPs have some form of data cap. This can potentially use up your allotment of data without you even realizing it’s happened. To turn it off, follow these steps : Search for “Check for updates” in the Start menu.Under “Windows Update” choose “Advanced options.”Under “Choose how updates are installed” click “Choose how updates are delivered.”Disable the toggle unde…

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Facebook to Allow Users to Send Money to Friends Through Messenger

Facebook Inc said it is adding a new feature to its messaging app that allows friends to send and receive money through it. Users can tap or click a dollar icon in a new chat window to send money to their friends, after they link a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank to their accounts.
The free feature will roll out over the next few months for users in the United States who access Facebook Messenger through desktop computers or Google Inc's Android and Apple Inc's iOS operating systems on mobile devices.
Users can create a PIN or enable Touch ID if they have an iPhone to add a level of security to the payments.
Snapchat had launched a similar service last November, called Snapcash.
The mobile messaging company partnered with online payments company Square to allow Snapchat users to link their debit cards to their account and quickly send money to a contact by starting a chat on a smartphone.

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Windows 10 Is Automatically Downloading On Windows 7 And Windows 8

Keep this 5 things in mind:
1.Kill Wi-Fi sharing
By default, Windows 10 is set up to share your Internet connection over Wi-Fi. This is a nifty feature if you want it, and a dangerous one if you don’t. To be on the safe side, you should probably just disable it right from the get-go.
Open the Settings app from the taskbar or Start Menu, then open Change Wi-Fi settings and click Manage Wi-Fi settings. Now, uncheck all the boxes under “For networks I select, share them with.” You may also want to slide the toggles to off underneath “Connect to suggested open hotspots” and “Connect to networks shared by my contacts.” 2.Customize the Start Menu Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The Start Menu is back! It’s OK, you can get excited. We won’t judge. Once you get past the simple fact that the Start Menu is there, however, it’s time to begin making the most of it. 3.Manage restarts People… when something goes wrong with your computer, restarting is the first thing you should try. In fact, you should be restarting you…